Karen Longe



        Karen Longe, president of Karen Longe & Associates, Inc. has many years experience in both the healthcare and the AIDC industry.

        A frequent lecturer at conferences, Karen has highly developed communication skills and is one of those rare individuals who can “click” with executive, operations and technical people.  Before becoming part of the auto data collection community, Karen spent 7 years as marketing manager for the American Hospital Association. This experience gave her the insight that only “doing it” can provide.  Her dedication and level of professionalism earned her the prestigious “Dean Percival Award” presented by the auto data collection community to individuals who have, through their diligent efforts, advanced the use of the technology.

        Karen’s perspective of the benefits and challenges of implementing a UPN bar code labeling program is based on her experiences working with healthcare suppliers and healthcare providers as well as the bar code technical community. Karen Longe is the author of UPN Bar Code Labeling: A Guide for Implementation in Healthcare.