Jon Andresen



      Jon Andresen is president of California-based Technology Solutions, a consulting and system integration firm.

      Technology Solutions, an international business and technical consultancy, is focused on eBusiness data, Spec 2000, electronic business improvements, and supply chain issues. Until recently, he was the IT Technical Architect at United Airlines, and served as the Chair of the ATA Spec 2000 Bar Code Taskforce. He has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and has worked extensively in the railroad and airline industries implementing new technologies. In his work at United Airlines, he has implemented thousands of bar code reading, printing, and network devices in their Maintenance Division covering applications in shipping/receiving, WIP, Time & Attendance, warehouse tracking, parts tracking, and tool inventory control. He was the keynote speaker at the 1991 Swedish Bar Code Symposium. In 1997 he was awarded the Auto ID industry's Don Percival Award in recognition of his achievements in encouraging and implementing Auto ID standards across the airline industry, and in 1999 an award from the FAA for support of the Suspected Unapproved Parts Program.  He has authored several technical papers, a dozen magazine articles, and spoken at 50 industry gatherings around the world.

      During his time at Ohio University, Andresen has been assisting in teaching Contemporary Integrated Manufacturing and the IT Senior Seminar. He has also been a guest lecturer at a number of student organizations across different colleges including Global Learning Center, Association of IT Professionals, Corporate Leadership Fellows, Engineering Ambassadors, and Corporate Communication Leaders. The Center for Automatic Identification has also benefited from his experience and attention to acquiring new equipment and developing new sources of funding.

      Andresen has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from California State Polytechnic University and master's in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.